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Roush Performance and Roush Mustang GT Parts

No review of Roush Performance would be complete without mention of Jack Roush, who is the reason why Roush Mustang parts are generally regarded as genuine OEM parts. He has a mathematics degree from Beria College in Kentucky, and in 1970 was also awarded a Masters in Scientific Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University. He studied for this to help him get into the field of engine research and development.

Jack Roush joined Ford in 1964, and worked in Detroit on the processes involved in tooling and car assembly. He left Ford in 1970, and after a year at Chrysler formed his own engineering company. Jack has always been interest in car racing, and has won many trophies both as a driver and manufacturer, partnering Wayne Gapp in NHRA, IHRA and AHRA drag events. Ultimately he created Roush Performance, a specialty firm that applies race car technology to road-legal vehicles.

Mustang GT Enhancements

Among the specializations of Rough Performance are Ford Mustangs, upfitted with improved suspension and handling characteristics, and also packages improving the look of the body and wheels. Roush Mustang GT parts are highly rated and used as OEM parts by Mustang owners worldwide. Roush Performance has upgraded thousands of vehicles and the firm’s Mustangs can offer as much as 510 lb-ft of torque from 540 HP engines.

However, most people come across Roush performance in relation to the Mustang GT parts it offers, either as replacement parts or for after-fitting to improve the appearance or performance of their Mustang. Alloy wheels, for example, are big sellers, and Roush wheels are beautifully balanced and great to look at in finishes ranging from bright gleaming chrome to an impressively brooding matt black.

The Roush Supercharger

The ROUSH charger is a Mustang supercharger that combines Jack’s technical expertise with his racing experience. This device is engineered to a very high standard, and in fact it is the only aftermarket supercharger that enables Ford’s drive train warranty to be continued on stock Mustangs after professional fitting. It is also the only Mustang supercharger that offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

The 2013 Ford Mustang TVS R2300 Supercharger boosts the horsepower to 565 with 505 lb-in of torque. In contrast to a turbocharger, this Mustang supercharger provides instant response to the throttle and maximum power and speed.

Mustang Roush R2300 23 TVS supercharger boost bypass valve actuator controller
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Eliminating Wheel Hop

Another example is the Wheel Hop Reduction Kit. This device removes wheel hop, where the grip of the tire rapidly changes creating a violent vibration that can crack your differential casing or ruin the drive train. This is a killer if you need a fast getaway and smooth rapid acceleration.

2005 2010 Mustang GT ROUSH 401788 Stage 3 3rd Link Wheel Hop Reduction Kit
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The fundamental cause of wheel hop is a change in toe which in turn causes changes in the grip of the tire. The toe is the angle of the wheels relative to the longitudinal axis of the car, and if this changes due to the pressure on the tires at start, they will vibrate and offer less grip. Wheel hop and shimmy can also be cause by an imbalance in an individual tire, possibly due to wear and ineffective tire rotation.

The Roush kit eliminates wheel hop in 2011-2013 Mustangs, and enables your rear wheels to grip smoothly and move off fast. Wheel hop usually occurs in conditions of low traction (less grip as explained above) and high horsepower. This equipment is now included in all Roush Mustangs with suspension upgrades. There are many other Mustang performance parts available for road cars that were initially designed for racing cars.

Roush Performance Parts: The Benefits

By purchasing parts manufactured by this company you can be certain they will integrate perfectly with your Mustang GT. There are many others that also manufacture parts for this car, but the major benefit you get with Roush Mustang GT parts is that they are backed by Ford and designed and produced by a well-respected Ford engineer and mathematician who has achieved considerable success driving Mustangs competitively.

Not only will Roush Performance offer after-parts, but this company also designs and manufactures improvements to the original Ford designs and is supported by Ford in doing so. You can’t get a better that that!

Naturally, a major reason for Roush Performance parts being accepted as equivalent to factory parts is the fact that the founder of the company was a highly respected member of the Ford team, and has received Ford’s backing all the way. He also knows what a good racing car should look like and feel like, and has been able to apply that technology to road cars. Some say Roush Performance can make Mustang GT parts better then Ford itself!

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