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PYPES Axle Back Muffler Delete – You Wont Be Sorry


PYPES Axle Back Muffler Delete

Looking for a new sound from your Mustang GT. You gotta get the PYPES Axle Back Muffler Delete. I know what your thinking, damm thats gonna be loud. Well not really. I just bought a set of these for my 2008 Mustang GT to replace the stock factory mufflers and I gotta tell you im LOVIN’ them. These Pypes really are just a straight pipe with a spark-arrestor built-in that keeps the popping down to a bare minimum.

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This was intended to be a simple performance upgrade but turned into a father/son project that made it all the more worthwhile. Halfway through the installation, after the original mufflers were removed, we just had to start the engine to see what it sounded like with NO MUFFLERS at all. As you might expect it was pretty loud but the original catalytic converters kept the noise down to a mild roar, but not the popping. After the new Pypes were in place and bolted down and we fired it up, I could tell it was gonna be a huge improvement.

The original mufflers had a bit of a drone at around 1500 RPM then mellowed out at higher revs. These pypes don’t drone at all, Its more of a nice crisp, clean, tone, not raspy or harsh and it sounds better the higher you rev the motor. All through the RPM range it sounds bad ass. If your just putt putting around keeping the RPM’s low and shifting slow and smooth its not really much louder than the stock mufflers. But as soon as you step on it, you can feel the motor breathing easier and is ready to haul ass. Thats the way a Mustang was meant to sound.

The installation took about 2 hours because I like to take it easy and take my time to make sure I don’t overlook a step or two. Simple tools and a good set of ramps are all you need. I hit all the bolts with WD-40 about an hour before we started and everything came apart pretty easy, although one or two of the bolts are in a tight place to reach so open ended wrenches are a must. The new Pypes matched the original hangers and included new clamps.

A little adjusting was necessary to make sure both Pypes matched as far as sticking out under the rear bumper, and were centered evenly under the bumper openings. Once they are installed and centered correctly, they look great and sound even better.

If you looking for a “relatively” inexpensive performance upgrade that you can do in a few hours, then I highly recommend a set of PYPES Axle Back Muffler Deletes, but make sure you get the set that has the spark arrestors built in. Just a straight pipe would give you a really loud exhaust but the backfire/popping would make your nice ride sound more like a cheap “tuner” than a Muscle car street racer. Happy cruising.

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