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1966 Ford Mustang For Sale

Looking for a real American Classic car. These listings are for a 1966 Ford Mustang. They could be located anywhere within the U.S. and may be in various states of restoration or fully completed. For almost 50 years, America has had a love affair with this Pony car. If your ready for a piece of automotive history, here it is…..

1966 Ford Mustang For Sale

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The 1966 model was basically unchanged, but featured revised side scoops, grill and gas cap, as well as the deletion of the four bars protruding from the Mustang emblem in the grille.  The 1966 Ford Mustang did have a few refinements. The gauge cluster was redone to separate the Mustang from its Ford Falcon roots and the 260 cid V8 was replaced with 2 and 4 barrel versions of the 289 cid V8. The Shelby GT-350 was still available, though its race image was fading by the addition of an automatic transmission. Available on the GT-350 through 1968 was a Paxton supercharger which would boost horsepower by as much as 40%.

1966 Ford Mustang Production Stats

Standard Convertible: 56,409 units
Luxury Convertible: 12,520 units
Convertible w/Bench Seats: 3,190 units
Standard Coupe: 422,416 units
Luxury Coupe: 55,938 units
Coupe w/Bench Seats: 21,397 units
Standard Fastback: 27,809 units
Luxury Fastback: 7,889 units

Total Production: 607,568 units

Retail Prices:
$2,652 Standard Convertible
$2,416 Standard Coupe

Read more about the 1966 Ford Mustang here….


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