Mustang GT Performance Headers

Mustang GT Performance Headers

Do you wanna make your Mustang GT growl? Consider replacing the original exhaust manifold with a set high performance headers. So just what do headers do?..... The idea behind an exhaust header is to eliminate the manifold's back pressure. Instead of a common manifold that all of the cylinders share, each cylinder gets its own exhaust pipe. These pipes come together in a larger pipe called the collector.

Mustang GT Performance Headers Available Online

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The individual pipes are cut and bent so that each one is the same length as the others. By making them the same length, it guarantees that each cylinder's exhaust gases arrive in the collector spaced out equally so there is no back pressure generated by the cylinders sharing the collector. Direct-fit full-length headers will help your late model Mustang GT produce an extra 15 to 20 hp.

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